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Fully automated 2020 re 2019 ISI-Questionnaire now up-and-running in RAEMONDA

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Fully automated 2020 re 2019 ISI-Questionnaire up-and-running in RAEMONDA 

Every year all trust offices must complete the ISI-questionnaire over the past year. All trust offices recognise this to be a very time-consuming job.  

Every year RAEMONDA takes away a big portion of this burden by automating the completion as much as possible. This year is no exception because although the new ISI Questionnaire has changed a lot and has extended quite a bit, we automated the process of gathering the information for our customers.  

At the end of March, DNB has made available the Institution Specific Information questionnaire (ISI questionnaire) 2020 (covering the reporting period 2019) to all trust offices. 

Due to the considerable changes in this ISI questionnaire and the Corona restrictive measures taken by the government, the deadline for filing has now been extended to June 15, 2020. 

In our compliance programme RAEMONDA we have automated the ISI-report as much as possible, on the basis of the compliance files you entered digitally into the system. Due to the considerable changes in the report, our developers have been working on updating the fully data-backed ISI-reporting tool in Raemonda. We are therefore  very pleased to announce that the new report is now up-and-running since 18 May 2020.  In this way, users of our digital compliance software tool Raemonda have sufficient time to timely file the report with DNB. 

Would you like us to demonstrate how this is all working? Please contact us directly at + 31 (0) 85 48 91 829 or info@compliance-innovations.com 

For those of you who are forced to work at home and cannot participate in a 1,5-meter distance meeting on-site, we can easily organize an online demo e.g. via Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, TeamViewer etc. 

Fully automated 2020 re 2019 ISI-Questionnaire up-and-running in RAEMONDA 


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