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Automate your compliance

Raemonda provides smart software for financial service providers, automate your compliance. To be more specific: Raemonda facilitates a compliance programme that automates and assists trust offices and other financial institutions in complying with anti-money laundering (AML), counter terrorism financing (CTF) ... continue reading

Automate your transaction

Since the entry of Wtt 2018 DNB has been conducting several investigations to determine if financial service providers comply with the legal requirements of Wtt 2018. An important outcome of these investigations is that trust offices need to automate their ... continue reading

Raemonda Automated Acceptance

New features in Raemonda for Client Acceptance Memorandum and Transaction Monitoring. Automated Acceptance Memorandum: Last week we introduced our Automated Acceptance Memorandum for Object Companies that have to comply with the Wtt 2018. Once the questionnaire is completed, you can ... continue reading

FATF-lists covered in RAEMONDA

The FATF-lists covered in RAEMONDA, In a website new flash this week, DNB also mentions that the FATF has published the following two documents highlighting countries with deficiencies in their anti-money laundering and terrorist financing systems. High-Risk Jurisdictions subject to ... continue reading

Compliance goes far beyond

Compliance goes far beyond paper Compliance management is more than trying to comply with laws and regulations through the correct work processes and risk measures. It is the internal culture and behavioral components in conjunction with clear rules, an adequately ... continue reading

Working from home will stay

Working from home will stay important, also in 2021 2020 is reaching its end. Without doubt, this year has forced us all to take on challenges in every possible way. Who would have thought at the beginning of 2020 that ... continue reading


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