The audits by supervisory authorities continue to increase. Social insights are subject to constant changes and supervisors are threatening to fine companies or even revoke licences if they don’t comply for 100% to the laws and regulations.

In response to these changes and to create a more efficient workflow, Raemonda has been developed.

Raemonda, was originally developed for the Dutch market for Wtt-compliant organisations. Nowadays it also covers Wwft legislation. Unique features are our client acceptance and review questionnaires (CAF and CARF) for both Wtt and Wwft, developed and kept up to date in close collaboration with renowned compliance professionals.

We are currently expanding our software services to also cover the Luxembourg AML, CDD and KYC legislation and regulations

Part of our integrated system is a fully automated PEP and sanction checker products, which automatically scans all persons and entities in your files.

Furthermore Raemonda also offers your company the tool to monitor the transactions of the object companies through the integrated Transaction monitoring. By filling in the transaction profile all the planned – and processed transaction can be checked. This is in order to recognise unusual transactions which possibly could indicate towards money laundering or terrorism financing.

All changes made to the files are logged and visible to all users who have access to the file. With this functionality it is easy to see the history of a specific topic in a file, which really supports your compliance officer in the exercise of their profession.

Would you like to receive more information or are you interested in a demonstration of Raemonda, please contact us via phone or e-mail.


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