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Transaction monitoring as well as the client acceptance, is a time-consuming process. We have automated this process in Raemonda, therefor we have less error-prone and we are therefore more efficient. Defining the transaction profile of a client, either a person or object company, begins with entering the details of the own bank account(s) of the client and the authorised persons and their signing rights to these bank accounts. The contra bank accounts of the related parties can be entered on entity level.

Based on the information you gathered in the client acceptance process you define all the cash expectations and non-cash expectations to obtain a complete transaction profile. In the cash expectation you define which own bank account will be debited or credited for an expected amount from or to a specified contra bank account. In the cash expectations you can also enter textual filters and filters on the amounts and the maximum frequency of payments or receipts per month and / or year. The file transaction profile needs to be finished and approved before you can start executing transactions for your client.

After the transaction profile is completed, the transactions of the client, planned or processed, are being checked automatically against these defined expectations from the transaction profile. With this functionality you are supported in evaluating the transactions and recognizing unusual transactions in order to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism. An uncluttered dashboard provides you with a clear overview of transactions which need attention and approval.

With this transaction monitoring functionality your company, as a gatekeeper, is in control of this important continuous requirement.

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Tranaction monitoring
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