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Wwft regulations and digital compliance

your CDD and KYC

As financial service provider you know how time consuming your CDD and KYC process can be, both for onboarding new clients as for reviewing existing clients.

With Raemonda you automate your CDD and KYC procedures, and above that you also have an automated transaction monitoring system and fully automated sanction checker on board among many other tools and features to ease your life.

Originally developed for trust offices having to comply with both Wtt and Wwft, our programme now also is equipped to service other high-end financial institutions having to comply with Wwft regulations.

Our software is developed based on the requirements of the Wtt and Wwft and focused to support you in fulfilling your legal compliance obligations.  Next to that, our software package includes many great features such as sanction and PEP checks, various reporting (such as the ISI report)  and risk management tools.

Are you interested in how this would support your organisation or are you curious about how our CDD / KYC software tool with its transaction monitoring and sanction checker works? Perhaps you are already familiar with our software, but curious about the latest features or the new future features that are planned?

Our Raemonda Smart Software Solution for financial service providers is such a SAAS (Software As A Service) solution. Through our solution, you and your colleagues can simultaneously work on your compliance files from anywhere where you have access to the internet, in a safe and secure manner.

Please visit our website for more information. However we prefer to show you a short demo of our software.  We can be reached at + 31 (0) 6 214 249 30 or at r.janssen@compliance-innovations.com.

For those of you who work from home and are unable to attend a 1,5m meeting on site (in accordance with the RIVM guidelines), we can organize an online demo e.g. via Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, TeamViewer etc.

Always at your service,

Rien Janssen.


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